The Farm
Our full scale commercial farm, based in Pretoria (South Africa), is used to further develop our technologies and refine our methodology. This commercial research and development hub is used to both optimise and research production of new plant varieties, new hardware and farming techniques as well as providing a training facility for customer staff.
The Greenhouse
A typical commercially sold farming unit would consist of at least four greenhouses, each around 8500 sq ft (800 m²) due to the economy of scale required to warrant the investment into automation and equipment. Added to that, a nursery of approximately 6500 sq ft and a further 15000 sq ft for packaging, cold-chain and support services are required to “value add” the produce. An added advantage is that a farming unit is both flexible in design and scalable to suit customer needs.
The Nursery
The first step in the production cycle is the production of seedlings. Seeds are planted and germinated in growth medium in seedling trays. Three to four weeks after germination the seedlings are ready to be placed into the cavities which are situated in containers to form part of the growing tubes within the greenhouse.
Grow Tubes

After germination, our seedlings are placed into our patented container sections. A growing tube consists of 20 cavity sections. The water is fed to the top of the growing tube and gravitates down. Through the growing tubes purified, oxygenated and nutrient rich water flows over the roots. Water then flows to the pump room where it is conditioned and recycled in a continuous closed loop system.

A number of growing towers are strategically spaced forming rows. These spaces allow sunlight to penetrate down to ground level, illuminating all the plants. The contained greenhouse environment generates an atmosphere which can be controlled at all times, permitting a shorter fresh produce growth cycle. Improved production quality and quantity through all seasons of the year enables consistent daily harvest. Rows of fresh produce are harvested daily, opening space for new seedlings to be planted, forming a continuous daily production cycle.

Our process, your success
Water cycles from the plants in the growth tubes in the greenhouse, back to the catchment tanks in the pump room. This water is conditioned with nutrients and the temperature is controlled. Pathogen control happens in the pump room and in the greenhouse cycle. All variables in the greenhouse is controlled e.g. Temperature, Humidity, UV, Ventilation. Control systems are integrated and programable via direct or web based access.
Our Approach