Solid Solutions
Grounded in research and data

At CAN-Agri we believe that by mastering our methodology and business model, we provide the first truly scalable and commercially viable vertical farming solution to the market.

Skills and knowledge transfer play a pivotal role in the success of our product. This enable our customers to gain value in their farming operations.

At our full-scale farming unit, we have proven our model facilitates accelerated plant growth through CAN-Agri developed precision farming techniques.

We guarantee superior quality and consistent yield of fresh produce with extended shelf life.

Our farming unit is currently in operation in Pretoria, South Africa. The facility is used for further research and development as well as growing, packing and supplying produce to the South African retail market.

The future of your farming operation starts here, we want to grow it with you.
Our Farm
CAN-Agri provides a vertical farming solution to produce leafy greens in a controlled
environment with the following benefits: